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Coming soon: Call Tricky Women 2018!

In Kürze veröffentlichen wir die Einreichbedingungen für den internationalen Wettbewerb von TRICKY WOMEN 2018! Die 15. Festivalausgabe findet von 7. bis 11. März 2018 statt.

Festival Infos

Preise & Jury

Preise & Jury


Festival Trailer von Kasia Nalewajka (Q21/MQ Artist in Residence 2016).

"Animation is a medium that puts no brakes on imagination. The trailer explores the sheer joy of an unrestricted creative process, in which new characters spring up like mushrooms after the rain, confused about their identity, floating inertly through their lives, and facing ever-lasting frustrations - just as their creators often do." (Kasia Nalewajka)

Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna