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Awarded Films Tricky Women/Tricky Realities 2023


Maria Lassnig Golden Film Reel
worth 10,000 €, sponsored by the Maria Lassnig Foundation

Jury Statement: Emma Calder takes us on a ride through the deepest and archaic fears and desires of her female character with a broad variety of animation techniques. The identity of the woman enfolds with dark humour through many layers: dreams, self reflection and the subliminal reality. Fascinating was for us the radical approach towards motherhood, the dying of the father, violent fantasies of the woman.

Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Award
worth 4,000 €, sponsored by the VdFS (Collecting Society of Audiovisual Authors)

— THE WORLD'S AFTER by Florentina Gonzalez, FR 2022
Jury Statement: THE WORLD'S AFTER is a sensitive and fresh reflection of a generation being aware of a possible dystopia. Although every living species is erased, the two ghosts who meet in a destroyed marina, don’t transmit a depressed feeling but still find their attentions in nature archaeology, music and in their new friendship.


3-month scholarship
to live and work at Q21/MQ under the Artist-in-Residence program

— WHATEVER MOVES IS ALIVE by Noémie Marsily, BE 2022
Jury Statement: The construction and deconstruction of the personality of a mother is presented as a constant flow of gaining and loosing, deep love and dependency. Intriguing is the minimalistic use of the drawing lines and its rough style, hectic like a very busy life of a mother with a small child.


The Grand Post Award
a post production voucher, worth 2,000 €, sponsored by The Grand Post – Audio & Picture Post Production

EPICENTER by Heeyoon Hahm, KR 2022
Jury Statement: Epicenter impresses with an outstanding pencil drawing which invites us to an accurate perception of surreal and small movements. The contrast behind the realistic and precise imagery and the surreal phenomenons creates a tense atmosphere.


International Jury Special Mentions for:

— LETTER TO A PIG by Tal Kantor, IL/FR 2022

Jury Statement: Letter to a Pig is a brave transcendential reflection of a new generation, who has to deal with the burden of the Holocaust: full of anger but also forgiveness.

Sabine & Nicolai Sawczynski Audience Award
worth 1, 000 €

— GOODBYE JÉRÔME! by Chloé Farr, Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard, FR 2022


Up & Coming Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Award
ABOVE THE CLOUDS by Vivien Hárshegyi, HU 2022
Jury Statement: The film looks at the monstrosity of love when the presumed love of your life does not seem to reciprocate those feelings anymore, and it shows how a bad breakup can keep you from allowing similar emotions for a new person. While feelings of love, pain, and disappointment are visualized with surrealistic imagery, the realistic facial expressions of the protagonists and the cleverly placed sound effects give us a sense of proximity to the main character's journey.

UP & COMING Jury Special Mention for:

— HEADPRICKLES by Katarzyna Miechowicz, PL 2022
Jury Statement: Strange (perhaps dull) humans and their routine, repetitive actions become absurd, desolate spaces, sounds, and futuristic colors. This short film portrays different funny and surreal situations that connect with today’s life, leaving us with the impression of a world full of lonely people and meaningless gestures.

— A PLACE IN BLUE by Seung-eon Yi, US/KR 2021
Jury Statement: Like reading one’s diary, the film is a delicately and intimately told story about motherhood, two generations and the search for the secrets of an absent mother. We are impressed with how two different worlds and timelines merge perfectly and uniquely. Playing with the contrast of visual spaces and editing, the film cleverly portrays the feelings of a child lost in a supermarket and a woman lost in a forest, amplifying their sense of frustration and helplessness. Also, the sound is well done and really draws us into the world of the film. It is a very touching and emotional piece.

Up & Coming Audience Award

ex aequo:
— COLLAGE by Gülce Besen Dilek, DE 2022
— DEAR ME by Suchana Saha, IN 2022


Hubert-Sielecki-Award for an Austrian Animation
worth 500 €

— HOLLADIO HODS GSOGT by Sarah Braid, AT 2022
Hubert Sielecki Statement: With its powerfully drawn animation, this film from the Austrian Panorama selection offers a compelling and refreshing critique of everyday sexism in our society. The author looks and listens closely and reacts with a bold and cheeky freshness. The rhythmic lyrics and the cool soundtrack combine to create a surprising result. The film wants to make people think and change patterns of behaviour.


Austrian Audience Award

— CORNUCOPIA by Ani Antonova & Dimiter Ovtcharov, AT/BG 2022

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