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Window Horses

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Eine junge Poetin reist zu einem Literaturfestival nach Teheran und begegnet dort nicht nur ihren eigenen Vorurteilen. Regisseurin Ann Marie Fleming erzählt in ihrem ersten abendfüllenden Animationsfilm von der Suche nach der eigenen Identität und vom Überwinden kultureller Differenzen. Eine Liebeserklärung an die verbindende Kraft der Poesie mit den Stimmen von Ellen Page und Sarah Oh. Englische OF. (89 min)

Window Horses – The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming, Ann Marie Fleming

Window Horses – The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming, Ann Marie Fleming

Rosie Ming, Ann Marie Fleming

„WINDOW HORSES hits all the things that are important to me: it’s pro-girl, pro-tolerance, pro-diversity and PRO-ART!!” – Sandra Oh (Koproduzentin von WINDOW HORSES) 

Window Horses is a feature-length animated film about a young Canadian poet who embarks on a whirlwind voyage of discovery – of herself, her family, love, history, and the nature of poetry. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming, and featuring the voices of Sandra Oh, Don McKellar, Nancy Kuan, and Shohreh Aghdashloo, the film is filled with poems and histories created by a variety of artists and animators, who set out to blend a vast myriad of differences between cultures, philosophies, arts, and time frames.

Twenty-year old poet Rosie Ming lives at home with her over-protective Chinese grandparents, never having travelled anywhere alone. When she’s invited to perform at a poetry festival in Shiraz, Iran, she meets colourful poets and Persians, and finally learns more about the Iranian father who she had assumed abandoned her. Rosie embarks on an unwitting journey of forgiveness, reconciliation, and understanding, as she discovers her father’s past and her own cultural identity.

Window Horses is based on a graphic novel. It takes a sensitive, subtle, and playful look at building bridges between cultural and generational divides. It’s a film about being curious, staying open, and finding your own voice through the magic of poetry. It’s a film about identity and the imagination.

“Stickgirl, my alter ego, has transformed too many different characters over the years. This is her first feature film as Rosie Ming and the first conventional dramatic role (…) I wanted to insert myself into the narrative, as this is really a very personal film (…) I felt that this little avatar, barely a gesture for a face and a body, allowed the most empathy. You don’t judge her.” (Ann Marie Fleming in an Interview with Primanima)

Ann Marie Fleming (Writer/Director/Producer)

Ann Marie Fleming is an award-winning Canadian independent filmmaker, writer, and artist.
Born in Japan to Chinese and Australian parents, Fleming creates work that addresses themes of family, identity, history, and memory.
She realized among others “I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors” (2010), “Big Trees” (2013), and the animated web-series “My Place” (2009) for Discovery USA’s

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