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alina bliumis

alina bliumisalina bliumisalina bliumis

Born 1972 in Minsk, former Soviet Union.

After Art School in Minsk Alina Bliumis studied Computer Art (BFA Program) from 1996 thru 1999 at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. 

Alina Bliumis has been working as an animation filmmaker and artist since then. She realizes several art and film projects together with her husband Jeff Bliumis. 

Her films and art projects have been shown in international and national filmfestivals and galleries.

Alina Bliumis also is co-organizing the Red Shift Festival, the first filmfestival of russian filmmakers who live and work in the west.

She lives and works in New York. 


> when it rains, 2004

> Ping and Pong, 2004 

> Videolog (co-directed with Jeff Bliumis), 2002-2004  

> Shume, 2003 

> Faces of Evil (TNT Channel, credit for animation), 2001 

> Radioman (credit for post production), 2000 

> Headtrip (credit for animation, MTV Network), 2000 

During her Artist in Residency in Vienna (October and November 2005, in cooperation with the quartier21/MQ Wien) Alina Bliumis is working on a trailer for the next Tricky Women-Festival in 2007.

Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna