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maryam mohajer

maryam mohajermaryam mohajermaryam mohajermaryam mohajer

Born 1977 in Tehran, Iran. 

1999 BA in Painting at Azad University in Tehran.

2000 she immigrated to the UK; she´s been living in London since.

2005 Second BA in Illustration and Animation from Kingston University.

2007 she graduated from Royal College of Art in Animation (MA). 

She has worked as a freelance animator on various projects for companies such as “Trunk” and “Spectre Films”.

She now works as a freelance animator/film maker.


> I can read your fortune, 2003

> Miss Monster, 2004 

> Improvisation, 2004

> Divided we fall, 2005

> Gnileef, 2005

> The Girl with Short Hair, 2006 

> And life went on, 2007

Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna