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TRAILER Tricky Women/Tricky Realities 2021

The new festival trailer for Tricky Women/Tricky Realities 2021 was created by Renee Zhan. Renee won the 3-month-scholarship to live and work at Q21/MQ under the Artist-in-Residence program, she will be in Vienna from January till March 2021.

Renee Zhan about the trailer: "The visuals from the trailer come from my 2018 short film, Reneepoptosis. The film is about a world born out of Renee’s tears. It’s a world inhabited by small organisms who rely on the salty moist environment created from her constant crying. I really like the idea of sadness and discomfort being the breeding ground for something exciting and new. For this trailer I wrote this brief poem hoping to capture the idea of renewal or rebirth after the difficult year of 2020 we’ve all just experienced. I wanted it to convey a hope for the future and brighter times ahead."

The trailer comes with a poem written by Renee for our festival:  
They say all was dark for over a year,
and the whole world cried with anxiety and fear.
But from our great tears has emerged a new way.
So, come celebrate with us our 20th birthday!
Oh, hey!

Tricky Women - International Animation Filmfestival Vienna